How to match your cabinet with pulls and knobs?

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Designing a kitchen isn’t as simple as following a recipe. There’s always a surprising number of decisions to make, and choosing the right knobs and pulls for cabinets is often something that catches people off guard. The options for style, size and finish are just so abundant, and many kitchens need a carefully thought-out combination of knobs, handles and other hardware to convey the perfect look. Here’s how you can get your cabinet hardware just right.

Keep in mind that the “finish” isn’t just the material but also the texture. For example, brushed brass and satin brass are both gold in tone, but they look different because they have different surface textures and therefore different levels of shine.
For an even more coordinated look, you can use the same metal finish for your cabinet hardware and your faucet (and even other details such as light fixtures and switch plate covers).

Think about the numbers.

Cabinet hardware will usually look best when used in multiple places so that no single knob or handle is the odd one out. For this reason, it can be easier to make multiple styles of hardware work in a larger kitchen with many doors and drawers.

Interior Design

If your kitchen has fewer than 20 doors and drawers, it’s safest to stick to two types of hardware max. In a compact kitchen with fewer than 12 doors and drawers, it’s a good idea to use just one style of handle all over, and introduce interest somewhere else, such as an open shelf.
This is certainly not a hard-and-fast rule, but it can help create an organized look.

Breathing Room Design

Even if you aren’t going to use round knobs everywhere, they can be a great option for unusual spots, such as a lone pair of doors in an area with mostly drawers.
This apron-front sink has a low pair of doors at a different height than the other panels around it. If those doors had horizontal handles like the others, they wouldn’t line up. Using two little round knobs creates a more elegant solution and suits the contemporary farmhouse charm of the sink.

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