Choosing the perfect cabinet hardware for your cabinet

There are many details to consider when planning a kitchen design. While kitchen cabinet hardware appears to be a small element, it often makes as much of a statement as light fixtures or cabinet doors. Use these tips to help you choose the perfect kitchen cabinet hardware for your design.

Define your Interior Design Style

When planning the design of your home in general, it’s common to think about your overall interior design style. This sets the tone of any room in your home and helps narrow down the plethora of design choices that are available. Do you consider your home more contemporary or traditional? Country or coastal? Craftsman or Eclectic?

Choose Your Cabinet Door Style

Once you select your door style, color and finish, it will be much easier to decide on your hardware. The color and shape of your cabinetry will set the tone for your hardware choices. Hardware often makes as much of a statement in a kitchen as light fixtures and cabinet door styles. Make sure your hardware doesn’t get lost against your cabinetry by choosing a finish that maintains contrast with your cabinet color while complementing the undertone of your cabinets and countertops.

Give Hardware a Purpose

Consider how many drawers and doors will be in your kitchen and think about how you will use each cabinet space. This should help you decide which hardware is best suited for that particular cabinets’ purpose. Wide bar pulls tend to be a more ergonomic option for large drawers than small cup pulls or knobs. However, knobs may still have a place on cabinet doors, for example. If you choose to use multiple hardware styles, one way to maintain consistency is to use the same hardware on all doors and the same hardware on all drawers.

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